PRTC Rules


Short title commencement and application

  • These regulations may be called the Pepsu Raod Transport Corporation (conditions of appointment and service Regulations) 1981.
  • They shall come into force on 16-1-1981 .
  • They shall apply to all class III and IV employees of the Corporation other than those on deputation with the Corporation.

Definitions:In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires

  • “Appendix” means an appendix to these regulations.
  • “Appointing authority” in relation to a post means the authority competent to make appointments to that post as mentioned in appendix B.
  • “An apprentice” is a learner who is engaged for being trained in a job or trade, or skill. His conditions of service shall also be governed by the provisions of the Apprenticeship Act, 1961 and the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 and the rules made there under.
  • (cc) “Board of Directors” means the Board of Directors of the corporation *
  • “Casual Employee” means an employee who is employed for work of a casual nature.
  • “Chairman” means the Chairman of the Corporation.
  • “Corporation” means the Pepsu Road Transport Corporation.
  • “Direct appointment” means appointment made otherwise than by promotion of an employee of the Corporation or a transfer or deputation of a person already in the service of Government of India or a State Government or a State Transport Undertaking.
  • “Employee or Workman” means a workman as defined in section (2) (i) of the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act 1948, of the Corporation.
  • “Managing Director” means the Managing Director of the Corporation. **
  • “Additional Managing Director” means the Additional Managing Director of the Corporation. ***
  • “General Manager” means the General Manager of the Corporation. ****
  • “Government” means the Punjab Government in the Administrative Department.
  • “Officiating employee” means an employee who performs the duties of post, on which another person hold a lien.
  • *Certified by the Co./Addl. L.C. on 9.7.91
  • ** Certified by the Co./Addl. L.C. on 9.7.91
  • *** Certified by the Co./Dy. L.C. on 30.12.92
  • **** Certified by the Co./Dy. L.C. on 30.12.92
  • “Permanent employee” means an employee who has been engaged on permanent basis against a permanent post and confirmed after completion of probationary period as fixed under Regulation 9. However, workmen engaged under a contract by PRTC will not be covered under this definition.
  • “Post” means a post specified in Appendix ‘A'.
  • “Probationer” is an employee who is provisionally employed to fill a vacancy in a permanent post and has not been confirmed as permanent in accordance with these standing orders. Ordinarily the period of probation shall be six months at a time, at the discretion of the management if the management considers it necessary in any case to further adjudge the work and merits of an employee. The maximum probation period shall, however, in no case, extend beyond one year. The period covered under contract will not be considered as a period to have been spent on probation.

Definitions: In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires:-

In computing the period of probation the day on which the employee was absent owing to authorized leaves, sickness, maternity leave, accident, lockout or a strike (which is not illegal) or temporary closure of the undertaking shall be included.
  • If an employee continues in service after the expiry of the period of probation, or extended period of probation, he shall be deemed to have been confirmed in his appointment on the date on which he completed the minimum period of probation.
  • If a permanent employee is employed as a probationer in a new post or a vacancy and his work during probation is not found satisfactory he may at any time during the probationary period, be reverted to his substantive post. He shall not lose his lien on his permanent post on this account. (OO) “State Government” means the Government of the State of Punjab . *
  • “Substitute” workman is an employee who works in the post of a permanent workman or probationer, who is temporarily absent.
  • Temporary Workman” is a workman who has been engaged for work, which is of an essentially temporary nature : Provided that if such an employee is employed continuously for six months or more he shall be deemed to be a probationer. The word singular includes plural.

Duties of the employees

  • All the employees of the Corporation shall perform such duties** and carry out such functions and exercise such powers as may be entrusted to them by the Corporation or the Managing Director or the officer authorized by the Corporation. The employees may be asked to carry out only such duties as they are ordinarily required to perform and the same are mentioned in their appointment letters.
  • *Certified by the Co./Addl. L.C. on 9.7.91
  • ** Certified by the Co./Dy. L.C. on 30.12.92
  • No employee shall directly or indirectly engage in any other business, occupation or employment nor shall he accept any fees, emoluments or commission whatsoever from any person other than the Corporation without prior permission of the Corporation.
  • An employee shall be at the disposal of the Corporation for the whole time, but he will be required to discharge duty in accordance with the provisions contained in Motor Transport Workers Act.

Classification of employees. *
For the purpose of these regulations the employees shall be classified as under:-

Class III.

  • Ministerial Staff :- Personal Assistant, Superintendent Grade-II, Assistant, Senior Scale Stenographer, Junior Scale Stenographer, Steno-typist, Cashier, Clerk, Assistant Cashier, Assistant Store Keeper, Ticket Stock Verifier Clerk, Dispenser, Diesel Pump Clerk, Sectional officer (Civil), Mechanical Draftsman, Section Officer, Store Keeper, Draftsman (Civil), Sectional Officer (Electric).
  • Operation Staff : Station Supervisor, Chief Inspector, Welfare-Inspector, Inspector, Sub-Inspector, Yard Master, Driver, Staff Car Driver, Conductor.
  • Workshop Staff : Service Station Incharge (Mechanical), Service Station Incharge (Tyres), Head Mechanic, Head Electrician, Head-Blacksmith, Head Carpenter, Machinist, Mechanic, Fitter, Tyreman, Borer, Welder, Blacksmith, Assistant Tyreman, Carpenter, upholster, Electrician, Painter, Radiator Repairer, Turner, Vulcanisor, Battery Attendant, Assistant Fitter, Head Mechanic (Crankshaft), Assistant Electrician, Assistant Carpenter, Assistant Blacksmith, Assistant Welder, Assistant Radiator Repairer, Assistant Upholster, Assistant Battery Attendant, Assistant painter, Assistant Turner, Service Station Inchcarge(Diploma Holder), Head Carpenter (Body Fabrication Cell), Head Blacksmith,(Body Fabrication Cell).

Class IV

Comprising of Ministerial and Workshop Employees enumerated below:-

    Ministerial Staff : Daftri, Record lifter, Mali, Gunman, Chowkidar, Gate Keeper, Ward Attendant, Store Boy, Peon.
  • Workshop Staff : Helper, Cleaner, Sweeper. Certified by the Co./Dy. L.C. on 30.12.92
  • The scale of pay of each post will be determined per regulation 14. This is subject to upward revision as and when necessary.
  • When a new post is created, it shall be suitably classified by the Corporation.
  • The condition of service of an employee on deputation shall be such as may be laid down by the Corporation with the approval of the Government.

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